SEMIKOZOV ANATOLIY, mandolin-player, Ukraine


I offer you the following variants of cooperation:


Proposal № 1:


*        Solo-Concert: „The Baroque Sonata for a mandolin with Basso Continuo“. A duet a mandolin and a harpsichord (or a piano). Sonatas are included in the program of a concert for a mandolin with a harpsichord (or piano):
 Maxim Berezovsky,Ukraine (1745-1777).Sonata C-Dur,
 Domenico Scarlatti Sonata d-moll(K89),Sonata e-moll (K81),
 Francesco Piccone (um 1735) “Sinfonia” d-moll,
 Giovanni Battista Gervasio (18th century) Sonata D-Dur,
 G.Tartini(1692-1770) Sonata g-moll.


Proposal № 2:


*        Solo-Concert: duet Mandolin and Guitar. In this concert musical composition will sound: F.Krejsler Waltzes, Pablo Sarasate «Andalusia romance », G.Sanz (1640-1710) «The Spanish suite», A.Vivaldi the Lute-Concert C-Dur, John Dowland „ Lachrimae Pavan “, G.Gioviale “Aurelia” and “Impressione di Spagnia”, G.Diniku   “Chora-Staccato”, and also from the Ukrainian composers Valery Ivko "Variation", L.Kolodub «Troisty Music», from Russian composers: P.I.Chajkovsky “Russian dance” from ballet  “Swan lake” and ”Melody”. And also concert variations on Russian themes.


Proposal № 3:


*      My performance as solo mandolin-player with one of chamber orchestras of your country with:
 A.Vivaldi Concerts for Mandolin C-Dur (RV425),
 A.Vivaldi Concerts for Mandolin D-Dur (RV93)
A.Vivaldi Concerto for 2 Mandolines G-Dur (RV532) and Concerto for 2 Mandolines g-moll

*      Giovanni Battista Paisiello Concerto Es-Dur for a mandolin with a chamber orchestra.

Proposal № 4


*        sound recording with Mandolin- records of compact discs (For example – RELAX-CD), soundtracks to films ...And so on...



Proposal №5



*        Master – class, the conductor of plucking orchestra…





The original compositions for a mandolin:


A. Vivaldi Concert for a mandolin C-Dur

A. Vivaldi Concert for a mandolin G-Dur

A. Vivaldi Trio - sonata for a mandolin G-moll

A.Vivaldi Konzert for mandolin D-Dur

A.Vivaldi Lautenkonzert C-Dur

G.Gervasio Sonata D-Dur for mandolin

G.B.Paisiello Konzert for Mandolin Es-Dur

F.Piccone Sinfonia d-moll for mandolin

D.Scarlatti Sonata d-moll(K89)

D.Scarlatti Sonata e-moll(K81)

Gaspar Sanz Suite Espanola

L.van Beethoven Sonatina for a mandolin C-dur

L.van Beethoven Sonatina for a mandolin c-moll

L.van Beethoven Andante & Variationen

J.N. A Hummel Sonata for a mandolin C-dur

R.Drigo Serenade from "Les Millions d"Arlequin"

P. Sarasate Romanza Andaluza

E.Mezzakapo March of the mandolinists

E.Mezzakapo Bonita

B.Bortolazzi Theme with variations for a mandolin and guitar

G.Gioviale Il mio piccolo

G.Gioviale Aurelia

G.Gioviale Impressione di Spagna

G.Gioviale Viale fiorito

Italian songs in an arrangement for a mandolin


Arrangements for a mandolin:


Maxim Berezovsky,Ukraine (1745-1777).Sonata C-Dur

A.Vivaldi Violinsonata g-moll op.2,No.1

A.Vivaldi Violinsonata d-moll op.2,No.3

D.Tartini Sonata in g-moll for a violin

G.P. Telemann Sonata for a flute F-dur

G.P. Telemann Sonata for a flute G-dur

Filippo Gragnani, Sonate D-Dur for Flute op.8,1

W.A.Mozart Violinsonata e-moll

J.M.Leclair Violinsonata e-moll

L. Boccherini Menuett

J.Haydn Serenada C-Dur

J.S.Bach Adagio g-moll

J.S.Bach Giga d-moll

J.S.Bach Allegro a-moll

J.S.Bach Aria

J.S.Bach Badineri

G.Ober Jig

F.A. Bonporti Largo and Corrente

A. Corelli Gavotte

P.Fiocco Allegro

L.Daken Cuckoo

C.V. Gluck Melody

Green sleeves,tradition

F.da Milano Cancone

F.Kreisler Perfect rosemary,Vienna”s March

S.Joplin " The Entertainer "

S.Joplin " Original Rags "

G. Diniku Chora-staccato

V.Monti Czardas

P.Frossini Polka

Tschigankov A. « Toostep »

"Na Rechenku"- russ.variation

"Ochi Chernie"- russ.variation

"Ich begegnete Ihnen"- russ. romance

Russian romances in an arrangement for a mandolin

International Folklore (Traditional)


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